Human Systems Model

At Soul of Business, we are experts at helping organizations improve and master their Human System.

Soul of Business Leadership Coaching & Transformation is about supporting people to be at their best in living, learning and working. We believe the key to any successful business is cultivating authentic, heart-centered relationships amongst team leaders, team members, external partners and clients.

Our process presented here is how we engage you and your organization to help you maximize Individual and Team Performance, Leadership Development & Culture Transformation.

Understanding Your Human System

There are two primary systems that compose the operational basis of all organizations.

Operating System: Financial, Marketing & Sales, Product-Services, Inventory & Delivery, Client Fulfillment.

Human System: Individual/Team Relationship & Performance, Vision-Mission-Values, Culture, Leadership and Management Effectiveness, Personal and Professional Growth and Development.

At Soul of Business, we are experts at helping organizations improve and master their Human System.

We support owners and leaders in the process of understanding and getting the most out of themselves as a leader and learning to better serve their people.

Leadership & Growth Development

Discovery & Assessment

Conduct targeted interviews with key leaders and employees to gain a sense of the elements at play within the organization before determining an intervention path.

Development & Growth Plan

Create leadership development and growth plans for individuals, teams and the organization.

Culture Transformation

Vision, Mission & Values

Establish or re-create an inspiring vision, a motivated mission and a set of guiding principles and values.

Culture Analysis

Organizational Excellence

Coaching & Mentoring

Participate in performance and skills coaching along with leadership development and mentoring sessions.

Training & Teaching

Receive wide & in depth skills and performance training programs. Topics include: accountability, performance management, communication and leadership.

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