Linda Cosgrove

Hello my name is Linda, and realizing the wisdom and power of this quote has changed my life. Through my own personal trials and struggles, I was able to heal and transform some very challenging and painful parts of my life. Using this wisdom, I was able to change my pain into my gain, and awaken to an inner power and strength I never knew I had.

It was from this growth and awakening that I discovered my passion and gifts as a coach and healer. I uncovered a part of me that I never knew existed buried underneath a lifetime of others’ expectations, beliefs and roles that I had come to think were all of who I was.

I know that I am not unique in living from a limited false self that works for a while, but eventually becomes a painful and small place to live from. This is what inspired me to want to help others who find themselves living a life that may look great on the outside but no longer works or feels good from the inside.

As a coach and guide to others I create a safe place for my clients to stop, rest and reflect on their life and themselves, and to honestly and without fear look at what is not working for them or not true for them any longer. I support and empower clients to discover their own healing, insights and direction. This enables them to connect with their true inner selves, their soul and purpose in life. Living from our true self allows us to shift from a place of unrecognized fear, pain, suffering to a place of clarity, truth and freedom in every area of your life. This experience can serve as the catalyst to your spiritual growth and awakening.

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If you find yourself in a place of change, challenge or crisis and would like support as your grow though this period in your life,  I would be honored and welcome  the opportunity to connect and see if I could be of service and a good fit for you on this part of your journey of healing and awakening.

"Linda is an unbelievable coach, who has given me the power to see the root of my problems and use them to grow into the person I want to become. She uses different techniques to broaden my outlook on different issues. She helps me see a brighter approach to life and she has given me tools for lifelong growth and success. She is caring, honest, and filled with love."



Working with Linda

"I struggle with anxiety and just started talking to Linda this year. I was hesitant at first because I had never spoken with a life coach, but I am so happy that I said yes to the idea. Talking to Linda has helped me view the world in a different way. She is an inspiration to me, and makes me want to be a better person. I have only been working with her for a short time, but she has already helped me to accept the situation I am in. She constantly reminds me that I am “exactly where I am supposed to be.” Although I don’t like hearing that phrase, I know it is true, and Linda helps me to accept it. Linda is wise, kind, truthful to herself, tough when I need it, funny, and most of all understanding. She has already helped me with tools of acceptance, and I am excited to continue to work with her."

- Sarah

"As a recently divorced woman in her 50s, I wanted to make darn sure I moved forward in my life in a positive way and avoided some of the relationship pitfalls that did not serve me or my marriage. Linda has helped me identify the old wounds that have caused some unhealthy patterns and behaviors so I may heal those wounds. This process, while not easy, has allowed me to free myself of some of these old burdens and feel confident in new relationships. I now know I am worthy of love and belonging and can be in a relationship in an authentic way."

- Libby B.

"Linda provides a safe space to openly look at difficult issues in one’s life. Through my work with Linda I am better equipped to handle day to day life stressors as well as big events that can rock our world. The self love she has led me to find within myself has changed my outlook on life, my prospects for a fulfilling life and provided contentment."

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