Karin Nihls

Hi, my name is Karin, and several years ago I attended a Power of Belief workshop –  which then cracked open the door to my own self-discovery and an awakening of thoughts and ideas that (over the course of many years) had been tucked away “until further notice.” I parked those thoughts on a shelf and kept adapting to what seemed to be my new normal. What I discovered over the years is that I was not alone. So many of us become more and more consumed by the demands of our personal and professional lives and lose sight of what truly motivates us.

My life experiences have given me insight, and in many cases, a front row seat to situations that may parallel your own (relationships, career change, blended families, alcoholism, parenting, aging parents, and the list goes on and on). How do we navigate through our lives with so many decisions that need to be made daily? I consider those that come in to be coached by me pioneers and explorers. You want answers to questions that impact your relationships, family, and career – and are not afraid to take the journey to learn and empower yourself. Knowing that you can come into a safe space to be heard, allows you to take a pause from your life and all the distractions that surround you.

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As a coach I offer a peaceful place for you to stop in and take a break from your life. There is no judgment. By empowering you to find your true purpose you will be able to shift from a life based in fear to a life based in truth and clarity. I would be honored to support you through this journey and would invite you to connect with me to see if I am the right fit for you.

"Karin is authentic and very down to earth. When she gives advice it is always practical and useful. Because of her I was able to identify my weaknesses and work to improve those areas of my life. We broke through some blocks that were definitely holding me back from performing optimally. I’ve always been open to working on my “stuff” but having Karin in my corner helped shine a light on what I could not see. I am blessed to have crossed paths. A wonderful experience!"



Working with Karin

"Attending the workshop Karin held was a very moving experience. Having had wonderful experiences in the past with therapists over the last 10 years to help me navigate through life I must say this was all that and more.

Each session created a stronger bond and safe space with the group. Karin kept us on track and we gained amazing insights into how alike we all are and how this journey in life is all about how we handle each life challenges, not what the challenges are.

The entire session reinforced what I have learned in the past, that every single person has their own pain and hurdles in life and having people to talk with, learn with, and grow with in a spiritual, loving group with a strong leader is so powerful. I can’t say enough wonderful things about the ability Karin has to lead in this capacity."

"The workshop was great!  It is transformational and gives you an opportunity to explore and open up areas in yourself that you were unaware of and how it affects your life. Karin has a very safe, calm and soothing way of helping you go through these challenges. She helps you navigate through life’s challenges and coaches you through the rough spots.  

It is difficult to explore unpleasant things about ourselves or admit a weakness. But Karin helps you realize that even your greatest weakness has a purpose and from there – there will be growth. I highly recommend experiencing a workshop with Karin."

- S.S.

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