Holly Mihelic

Hi, I'm Holly. My personal journey into the soul coaching world started when I was a senior at Michigan State University. While trying to juggle a full-time journalism internship, course load and social life, I hit rock bottom physically, mentally and energetically. 
After many failed attempts to "fix" myself, I started to accept that I'd live my life as the zombie who pretended to be "Happy Holly." As soon as I'd get home from work or a social event, taking off my smile felt just as glorious as kicking off my uncomfortable pair of shoes. I started to come to terms with the fact that the unrelenting heaviness and fatigue would be my forever.
On my 25th birthday, I reached out to Chris Sarris at Soul Space. I had driven past the sign on his building in Rochester hundreds of times, always feeling a pull. Well, it was a birthday wish come true! Now, as we cut to the present time (after almost a decade of a lot of training and healing), I'm honored to be a part of SoulYou Coaching. 
I feel my purpose is to message, guide and connect with those who don't look like they "need" help, but deeply do. All our minds and souls need nourishment and attention just as our bodies do. I also love applying my journalistic, creative skills into helping the people I work with get to see, understand, plot and envision their own life stories.
I have studied and trained within Soul Space's training programs for years. I have also earned a certification as a (KRI) Kundalini Yoga Teacher and have studied at the world-renowned shamanic energy medicine school, The Four Winds. Along with coaching, I've held a career in marketing for over 10 years and love diving into the intricacies of business and people. I continue to love to write and released the children's book The Tales of Itzland in the spring of 2021. 
For me, healing has been a "mixed maintenance" approach of soul coaching, shamanic energy healings, meditation, kundalini yoga, barre, clean eating, sleep, nature walks, lots of water, remembering to breathe, kicking my own butt on the Peloton, surrounding myself with high vibe people and animals and asking for help. I will forever be an avid student of the soul.
Whether you're hoping to revitalize your energy or looking to make what's good in life even greater, I feel honored to get to be on this path with you as a healer and guide.

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"Holly has been a great source of inspiration, knowledge, and guidance. She always goes the extra mile to make sure her clients feel that they can take on their dreams and whatever life throws at them. My sessions with Holly allow me to center my thoughts and confidently dive head-first at my goals. Her spiritual tools and advice have helped guide me through life transitions and uncertainty. I would recommend Holly to anyone looking for uplifting guidance and support!” 



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