Soul of Business Manifesto

Now more than ever, people and organizations are opening up to the force of their soul's wisdom and purpose.

When people change, so do the ways people do business.

Inspiring those in an organization has moved beyond wall plaques and mantras toward a call for deeper truths. It’s inevitable the moving parts (the people) making up the whole, will bring their personal issues and struggles to the workplace. Guiding people through their personal journeys and struggles is key to thriving as an organization. Healthy engaged employees and healthy productive companies are inextricable. As one goes so does the other.

As much as business leaders may try… you can’t deny the 500 pound gorilla in the boardroom any more than you can on the production floor. When people are at their best, organizations receive immeasurable wealth and abundance beyond dollars and cents.

Like successful people, successful organizations have a collective heartbeat, a rhythm and a soul.

In healthy organizations that soul can be measured not just in dollars and “sense” but in satisfied, fulfilled employees. It’s no accident that inspired people manifest inspired, creative and profitable companies. Soul of Business Coaching & Transformation is about supporting people to be at their best in living, learning and working. What we do with Soul of Business is unabashedly go to the core of what makes a difference.

Corporate America has shifted in consciousness.

People want more meaning in their life and as statistics have shown for years that “meaning” isn’t tied to dollars. Once employees know their families are fed and that basic need is answered, they’ll be looking for ways to be fulfilled in their vocation. This shift in consciousness hasn’t typically been addressed. It is this void the Soul of Business curriculum fulfills. Soul coaching generates innovative thinking and effective strategies and practices that bring balance to the challenges of personal and professional growth. Soul coaching helps people to get clear on what really matters so they can more easily bypass the ego-ic bullshit and move toward fruitful positive goals.

Workplace drama is the most costly line item that never directly appears on a corporate expense report.

For change to sustain in any organization leaders need to be the change they seek. That feeling you have involving a deeper knowing and understanding of the human condition and how it relates to the company you’ve worked hard to build — is soul level truth.

Knowing how to sell what you provide is your wheelhouse. Knowing how to answer that deeper knowing bottled up inside of you, is ours.

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