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We all have natural genius, gifts and talents that when shared make our life better
and the world around better. Your True Self is where your creativity, wisdom,
natural confidence and competence reside. It is your birth right to discover,
recover and embody them for yourself and share them with the world.

Our purpose is to inspire, awaken and unleash the power of the human spirit with individuals and organizations.
What are you seeking? What truth is trying to emerge through your crisis, challenges and pain?

Your crisis is the breaking of the shell that holds your fear and false truth that is the cause of your pain and suffering.
– Chris Sarris

We don’t accidentally stumble into an amazing life…

It is often proceeded by a trauma, drama or crisis that flips our life upside down. That which is not based on truth or no longer serves us must transform or fall away. Our pain is our soul’s invitation and desire for us to grow and awaken to new truths about ourselves and life. We must make a conscience commitment to figuring out who we really are. What do we stand for?

Finding our truth begins when we stop looking outside of ourselves and begin looking within. When it rises from within we find clarity and authenticity that give us no choice but to express and share with the world. This is when the magic happens. Fulfillment, blessings and abundance emerge from all of our experiences in life, even the challenging and messy ones.

SoulYou is dedicated to helping individuals heal, transform and awaken to their True Self. We address ALL aspects of the self: the body, the mind, the emotions, and the spirit. Ultimately the work we do during our sessions can be applied in every area of life.

Soul-based coaching and counseling empowers clients to
discover their own wisdom, insights and direction.
Coaching helps individuals to:

Meet Our SoulYou Coaches

Chris Sarris
Chris SarrisFounder
Linda Cosgrove
Linda CosgroveSoul Coach
Cathie Padilla
Cathie PadillaSoul Coach
Karin Nihls
Karin NihlsSoul Coach
Margaret Cosgrove
Margaret CosgroveSoul Coach

The SoulYou Coaching style lets you learn on your own, but your coach is there for you when you need them. They teach through love not fear. I recommend to anyone who wishes for peace and happiness to join any of the SoulYou coaching programs. You will have to work, but the process is enjoyable and fun.”

Jeff Markov, Entrepreneur

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