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We all have natural genius, gifts and talents. It's your birth right to discover, recover and embody them for yourself and for the world.

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Meet Chris Sarris

Soul-based Coaching is the result of Chris Sarris' many years of coaching individuals and teaching other coaches, combined with his ongoing commitment to his own personal growth and soul consciousness.

What you will find with Chris is the authentic voice of a person who has traveled the path that he teaches. Chris is committed to letting his soul and heart serve his Intellect. He’s learned from the varied terrain that he has traveled, and has integrated this learning into his life and work as a coach and teacher.

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"Your crisis is the breaking of the shell that holds your fear and false truth that is the cause of your pain and suffering."

- Chris Sarris

We don't accidentally stumble into an amazing life...

It is often proceeded by a trauma, drama or crisis that flips our life upside down. Our pain is our soul’s invitation and desire for us to grow and awaken to new truths about ourselves and life. 

SoulYou is dedicated to helping individuals heal, transform and awaken to their True Self. We address ALL aspects of the self: the body, the mind, the emotions, and the spirit. Ultimately the work we do during our sessions can be applied in every area of life.

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This guide will introduce you to basic, foundational teachings that can help transform your life and grow your soul.

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Look Inward + Go Foward

Soul-based coaching and counseling empowers individuals to own their wisdom, insights and direction.



Build a satisfying relationship with everyday life.


Connect with your true self and expand beyond the ego.


Discover purpose and live from an authentic place from within.


Relate to life experiences in a more meaningful and accurate way.

"This Soul Coach Training was amazing. It deepened and reconfirmed my confidence and competence as a coach.

Chris is an inspiring and encouraging teacher and guide. He makes it easy and safe for you to explore who you are on a deeper level. It was a joy to learn from him how to not only do my own healing work, but also help support others in their healing.

I am personally and professionally grateful for the gifts I received during This Soul Coach Training and transformation experience."

Jeff Markov

SoulYou Signature Courses

Whether you're a new seeker or a seasoned coach, our experiential learning programs will meet you where you're at in your process.

Soul Awakening

This powerful introductory course is designed to help you discover your life purpose and recover your soul's unconscious gifts and talents.

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Coaching For All

Whether you're an aspiring coach or simply want to grow in life or business, this course shows you how to apply the most effective and useful coaching tools.

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Advanced Soul Coaching

Built for individuals who are looking to explore even further, this course is made to guide experienced coaches into deeper techniques and methodologies.

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"Chris is a great communicator and can find rapport and connection with anyone. Chris makes your problems look and feel smaller and helps you see how they can be your teacher and a catalyst for your growth. I have been enriched by Chris’ presence and guidance more so than any therapist, psychologist, psychiatrist, or clinician. He has an extraordinary gift and we should all be so blessed. The word 'breakthrough' comes to mind. That’s what you have to look forward to."

- Kay

What Clients Say

"Chris Sarris is absolutely a stellar coach. What I see in Chris is a man who models the higher road of authenticity, integrity, passion and a love of all life. Chris is a deeply intuitive listener and 'gets things' on a deeper level than I have experienced with other coaches and teachers. Chris is a compassionate coach, teacher, and a champion of the human spirit. Coaching with Chris is a transforming and empowering experience. He is able to see the best and fullest potential in someone, to mirror and draw it out, call it forth, and help them embrace their own greatness. I often recommend friends and clients to him."

- Sara, Author

"Since working with Chris, I have become more aware of my inner feelings and desires. I have learned the importance of setting boundaries and speaking up for what I want in all aspects of life. This has had a positive impact on me and my relationships with others. My experience working with Chris has resulted in more freedom than I ever thought possible in life. I now understand and love who I am in a way I could never have imagined."

- Dr. Carrie Majors, M.D.

"Chris Sarris is an outstanding Life/Soul Coach who helped us get more in-touch with our hearts and re-connect with each other at a deeper level. Chris made it easy to shed old habits that no longer served us and helped us better understand and truly see each other in a new light. We wish everyone the experience we had and the strengthened bond we enjoy."

- Gary & Leanna

"Chris is an amazing 'therapist' teacher and guide. He brings out your soul’s gifts and attunes specifically to your soul’s vibration. He is gifted in his ability to see, know and help you connect to your own clarity and soul’s wisdom. Everyone would benefit from connecting with Chris and the experience of his classes and teachings."

- Yvonne, Yoga Teacher

"If you have the courage to step on the path of self-awareness and improvement, I can’t imagine a better guide than Chris. He’s literally saved my life with amazing compassion, persistence, and wisdom. He helped me find something very powerful and special, my authentic self."

- Scott, Business Owner, Pilot, Life Coach