Margaret Cosgrove

I once heard, “We are never so uncomfortable, when we are not comfortable in our own skin.”

For many years, I lived uncomfortable and unsafe in my own skin. As a child, the circumstances within my family made my world feel unsafe and caused me anxiety. I carried this into my teens and early adulthood. It affected every aspect of my life. I knew something needed to change. Have you ever felt stuck in a self-made limited reality? Have you ever felt the invitation to evolve but fear-based thoughts held you back?

Growing up, my dad faced major health challenges that impacted our whole family and created a life of uncertainty and instability. As a child, this uncertainty caused me to feel unstable and insecure leading to my anxiety and fear-based reality. It was in my later years that it turned into a sense of loss, grief, and helplessness. By the time I was a young adult, I struggled with anxiety and mood swings, impacting all of my relationships with friends and family. In an effort to cope with these issues, I became a people-pleaser. I was not able to speak my truth or be authentic to others in fear of experiencing loss or rejection. I still did not feel safe.

“See beyond what seems to be.”

Through this crisis, I sought help through traditional therapy and then soul coaching, which changed my life. I finally had the space to examine my own inner child in need of healing, my people pleasing tendencies, and the fearful thoughts deep rooted within my psyche. Through doing this deep healing work, I began to realize it was not about what specifically happened to me, it was the unhealthy and fear-based belief systems I created about the world around me. I slowly but surely transformed my fear into empowerment.

I have been able to reframe my belief systems, unlearn thoughts that do not serve me, and finally step into my power. I no longer have to maintain the negative relationship between myself and the world. I am able to embody and stand in my truth. Living this way, the world finally feels safe. I began living from the inside-out instead of the outside-in.

As I worked through my anxiety, distress, and fear, I began connecting with my true self.  I was always deeply drawn to spirituality. Through self-examination and guidance from my life coach, I learned that I am a highly sensitive person, an empath, and an old soul. Once this realization became a truth in my life, the world and my place in it all began to make sense. All of the challenges that I faced as a child forced me to see beyond the physical world. I gained the freedom to develop and appreciate my spiritual existence.


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I have connected to what means the most to me in this life: to support others in their journey to awakening and healing. I seek to help others understand the false beliefs and limited thinking that keeps them from their dreams, passion, and purpose. I seek to open up different realms of thinking for my clients. I would love an opportunity to connect, hear your story, and be with you on your journey to awakening.

"Soul Awakening has expanded my horizons, making me think differently about myself, where I am and where I am going. Margaret creates a comfortable, relaxing environment where it’s easy to share any thought free of judgment."



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"I have already seen a difference in my everyday, as I approach old situations with new perspectives. It truly helped me uncover things I did not know about myself; all because of Margaret’s lead."

- Taylor

"I can wholeheartedly say that I am a better person because of Soul Awakening. Margaret is a highly skilled leader who is able to use her education in soul coaching to create a safe environment for anyone to grow and reflect."

- Bria

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