Wisdom Groups

Connect with kindred souls in a sacred space to share and heal together.

Become a part of our SoulYou community  

Wisdom groups offer a safe, loving, non-judgmental space in which we can open our hearts and move through our hurts and fears, which keep us stuck and disconnected from our true self. Better understanding, more compassion, increased respect and better communication are all natural outcomes of the process.

Receive the opportunity to be seen and heard. There are three SoulYou wisdom group memberships: Women's Group, Men's Group and Coach Mentor Group. Each community meets online twice a month (every other week). 

Men's Group

Join our SoulYou men's group to find brotherhood and friendship. You will join a safe space to share, learn and grow.

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Women's Group

Our women's group provides a safe space to express, share and process with like-minded sisters and friends.

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Coach Mentor Group

Idea share and receive guidance from fellow coaches who are also building coaching businesses. Use this space to get feedback, ask questions and collaborate together.

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