Soul Awakening

Release Fear. Remember Love.

Soul Awakening is an introductory course to help you recover your soul's unconscious gifts. 

This 6-week online course will guide you to uncover the fears and beliefs that keep you stuck and disconnected. 

You will dive into your own "soul awakening" and experience an inner-transformation that doesn't easily lend itself well to words. It shows up in your life as deep contentment, a clear mind and the energy to act at the right moment.

Applied Techniques

Develop a new skillset for connecting with your intuition and True Self. You'll participate in self-led discovery exercises as well as group discussions.

Interactive Experience

Connect with like-minded souls through our online learning portal. Receive unlimited access to Soul Awakening videos, exercises and guidebook.

Lifelong Transformation

Once you've learned these practices, you'll be able to utilize them for life. This course only continues to unfold over time as you reveal your many layers.

"It's not what we don't know that gets us in trouble, it's what we know for sure that is just not true."

- Mark Twain

Soul Awakening Syllabus

The Soul Awakening course group will meet for 90-minute workshops weekly. The course is a month-long commitment.

Explore our six learning modules.

"Chris brings out your soul’s gifts and attunes specifically to your soul’s vibration. He is gifted in his ability to see, know and help you connect to your own clarity and soul’s wisdom. Everyone would benefit from connecting with Chris and the experience of his classes and teachings."

Yoga Teacher

Heal and Release

The knowledge, tools and guidance offered in this course, combined with your soul’s natural wisdom and genius will dramatically shift and transform your experience with reality in just six short weeks.

When living and expressing from your True Self, you become comfortable with and start to embrace the uncertainty of life.

You will trust the unknown and are naturally courageous, open and curious in the face of it.  This transformation opens the door to tremendous guidance, creativity, and possibilities for your life and the manifestation of your dreams and heart’s desires. 

When you live in this way, you can experience greater health and well-being as well as become a heart-centered leader, teacher and guide for others.

Awaken Power, Love and Your True Self

Everyone is born with unique gifts, talents and creativity. Most of us have forgotten or disowned them. When you discover and express your talents, you create a life of joy, abundance and purpose.

Living from your authentic self not only serves your highest good; when doing so, you become a powerful beacon of truth and love for those around you.

You will, quite innocently and without effort or agenda, support others in connecting to their own truth, love and inner light. You become a way –an example, the change you seek in the world. 

You will experience a gentle and powerful transmission of love and human potential that infects the people around you.

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"In order to grow, you must give up the struggle to remain the same."

- Chris Sarris