[ A Training Excerpt from the Intro to Soul Coaching Program ]

The Movement of Soul Truth & Freedom

Soul Space’s unique and distinctive method and process of coaching encompasses aspects of life coaching, therapy based methods and spiritual teachings. This Soul Coaching approach allows clients to learn how to bring authentic power of self-expression into all areas of their life. Soul Coaching is about opening your clients’ eyes to a new way of seeing…a new way of relating to pain and struggles, fears and misconceptions. Most of our struggles arise because we were not taught some very simple and basic truths about who we really are, instead we are imprinted with false truths about our true self, instead most of us are shown or told that we are ‘not enough’, ‘we can’t do that’, ‘that’s not acceptable’, ‘that’s not the way it works’, etc. far more often than we are shown our beauty and true idendity.  Through soul coaching, your clients will open up to their Truth – their inner light, allowing them to begin to create an inspired life focusing on what is important to them.

Now more than ever, people and organizations are opening up to the force of their soul’s wisdom and purpose. As a whole, humanity is awakening, and shifting to higher levels of consciousness. Individuals and organizations are ready for more soul-oriented processes and perspectives. The old ways of doing business, of living, creating and relating to ourselves and the world are no longer effective.

Many people wonder if there is a hidden force within successful individuals, organizations and businesses. That “hidden” force is the human soul. When acknowledged, engaged and nurtured, the soul becomes a positive, creative source of empowerment and inspiration that becomes the guiding force and authentic expression in all areas of a person’s life personally and professionally.

Begin Your Journey as a Soul Coach Today.

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You will grow and learn together through a variety of processes and
interactive exercises, spirited dialogue and one-on-one coaching.


“I met Chris Sarris shortly after I began offering coaching in my bodywork business. I was longing to connect with a mentor and a coaching program that focused on the spiritual side of personal development as much as the behavioral practices. I found that and SO MUCH more in the Intro to Soul Coaching program! Chris and the Intro to Soul Coaching program taught me how to deepen my understanding of my gifts and trust myself in a way that most other coaching programs miss. I have been able to confidently grow a thriving coaching practice while staying true to who I am and how I want to serve others. The program has connected me with other like minded people who have become great friends and colleagues in the coaching industry. Chris’ continued mentoring and generous support have been an invaluable asset to me personally and professionally. I highly recommend the Intro to Soul Coaching and mentoring programs to anyone who is looking to take their personal or professional relationship to the next level.”

Jill Massura, Ignite Your Life Coach