Project Description

SoulYou Relationship Coaching

Falling in love is easy!
Sustaining love over time isn’t.

If being good at relationships were easy, there would be far fewer divorces, and no heartbreaking disappointments or conflicts. The only solution to fulfillment in all relationships is your love must become conscious and unconditional. You must let go of the love for ego and lust. This is the only way to transform the pain that comes from a place of fear, old stories, and beliefs which breakdown your relationships and cause your pain and suffering. For your experience of love to be consistently happy, rich and unconditional, there are skills, tools and understanding you will need to master in order to keep love conscious and flourishing. Otherwise, you risk falling into wounds, patterns and love killing habits developed over the years of togetherness.

One moment you might be in a place of connection and flow, but then the next minute you are “triggered” and responding from old wounds and ego patterns of power, control and protection. The problem is, even if you know you are feeling triggered,  you don’t always have the exact tools to keep you (and your partner) from spiraling into that dark hole of hurt, fear, anger and resentment. These are the moments where your love needs to be made conscious, because these are the moments that gradually erode your relationship’s success in the long term. Any who have been in a relationship, know this pain and suffering. There is another way.

Love is a choice that you need to choose again and again. The trick to unconsciously choosing this, is to have the tools to support you when the challenges of love threaten to pull you down. In other words, you need to know how to transform your differences and challenges, into breakthroughs of truth and healing to conscious loving. You can either take part on your own or join with your spouse, partner or beloved. SoulYou Coaches are here to aid you in your journey to awaken all the love, passion, and freedom you so desire in your relationship(s)!

Relationship Coaching Will Help If:

  • Enjoy a comfortable relationship yet, some part of you still desires greater passion, vibrancy, and soul between you and your partner

  • Find that money problems, family issues or the daily grind are chipping away at your connection and love, in spite of your best efforts to rise above them

  • Feel alone, misunderstood or un-supported in your relationship even though you feel like you are with the right person

  • Feel a call for greater personal growth, awareness and mission in your own life, but sense your partner isn’t on the same wavelength with you

  • Yearn to be in a committed and conscious intimate relationship and want to prepare yourself in the best way possible