[ A Training Excerpt from the Intro to Soul Coaching Program ]


“When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.”
~ Wayne Dyer

The way you look at things makes a difference.  It’s a very simple, yet sometimes illusive, truth.  A perspective is the lens through which you view situations and circumstances.  Your assumptions usually, but not always, precede and dictate your limiting beliefs.  From your assumptions, perspectives are born.  Perspectives can be just as persistent as assumptions, and can easily spill over to all areas of your life.

 Changing Perspectives
Listening to your client’s embedded and hidden assumptions along with her points of view about “how life is” is a very effective way of seeing and understanding her default perspectives about life, relationships, money, and all other aspects of life.  Your challenge is to empower her with the ability to first be aware of the perspectives she is operating under, and then how they might be limiting her.  The next step is for er to be willing and able to change them.

There is a funny magnet with a cute picture of a baby in diapers.  The caption reads, “Change your diapers, change your life.”  That pretty much sums up the possibilities of helping your clients change their perspectives.  When your clients are stuck and struggling with life, much of the struggle is a result of their limited and sometimes stinky perspectives.

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You will grow and learn together through a variety of processes and
interactive exercises, spirited dialogue and one-on-one coaching.


“The Soul Coaching program and method has been invaluable to my work as a psychotherapist and health and wellness coach. It is a unique blend of qualities from the coaching world, psychological modalities, and transpersonal/spiritual constructs. This integrated format is a platform in which to help others map out how they came to be in a place of struggle, challenge, and feeling lost, and how to rediscover their True Self and live an authentic and empowered life. The program not only helped to facilitate my professional growth, but also my personal life, as well. It helped me take a deeper dive into my own beliefs and patterns that often keep me stuck, and to facilitate deeper levels of awareness and healing. The group support and the environment was one of connection, learning, sharing, releasing and becoming. I highly recommend this program to advance one’s own personal and professional journey, as well as to pursue your calling as a soul coach, a guide and a light for others. Thank you Chris for your dedication to your path and your calling. I am blessed to know you and your gifts of Soul Coaching.”

Pamella Vaccarelli, MA, Psy.S, LLP.