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Soul Awakening is a deep introductory course and path of healing and awakening. Through this course, you will begin to rediscover and recover your soul’s unconscious gifts and talents as well as the unconscious fears and beliefs that keep you stuck and disconnected from them.

You will dive deep into your own “soul awakening” and experience an inner transformation that doesn’t easily lend itself well to words.It shows up in your life as deep contentment, a quiet clear mind, and energy to act at the right moment, living in love and harmony, and exploring the beauty of who you are, and of everything around you.

The knowledge, tools and guidance offered in this course, combined with your soul’s natural wisdom and genius will dramatically shift and transform your experience with reality in just six short weeks.

Email Chris to Sign Up: chris@thesoulsspace.com

Week 6: New Beginning

We each have a purpose in this lifetime. Identifying and living your purpose is not an event; it is a continually evolving process. The expression of your purpose deepens and grows as you deepen and grow. Clues to your purpose can be found in many places.

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