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Jan VanBuskirk

Have you ever felt lost?  Confused, wondering why am I here?
Do I have a purpose?

Hi, I’m Jan and I have spent a lot of time searching for something to make my life feel complete.  I thought I had found the answers many times, always thinking this relationship, this divorce, this job, this promotion, this new car/ house/ fill in the blank would change my life.  I would get excited that I had finally found my mysterious missing piece and then realize that this new thing didn’t fill the painful void within me.

I pondered the question; did everyone live their life hoping that their next experience would be the big moment of change in their lives?  I discovered that a great deal of the people I met and also many I had known for a long time didn’t seem to be enjoying their daily lives in an authentic way.  I then began to wonder if we could actually attain real happiness or if it is our destiny to carry the burdens that life has heaped upon us, throughout our existence?

It was about this time that I met a life coach who became the angel of healing in my life.

She showed me that the answers to my questions could not be found on the outside but resided within me.  With her guidance, I was able to discover that I was unconsciously measuring my life through a filter of false beliefs and behaviors that were the expectations of others but I came to know as my own reality.  This experience helped me to connect with who I am really meant to be and to discover that real happiness actually does exist.

I am profoundly grateful for this blessing.  It was this transformation that inspired me to leave a corporate career to pursue my passion of serving others as a life coach.

I would love to have the opportunity to sit with you and explore these and deeper issues that may be keeping you from your joy, happiness and fulfillment.  I am happy to offer you a complimentary coaching session to further your insight into the coaching process and to see if this would be a comfortable fit for you.

With Gratitude, Jan

What Jan’s Clients Say

“Jan is wise beyond her years and so very talented in targeting the areas of my relationships that needed the most work and helping me be accountable for what I needed to work on.

I own and run a small start-up and am constantly faced with struggles and roadblocks that need to be overcome, sometimes just having someone to listen and empathize with the struggle helps in overcoming the feeling of being stuck.  Jan gave me the space to unravel and allow myself the time to get to the answers and decisions I needed to make to move my business forward.

Jan has a very direct and focused approach in her work combined with a great sense of humor. That  worked very well in helping me get to the very root of the issues in my life so that I could move on from there.  I would highly recommend Jan for her work with relationships, work transitioning, and any type of personal, business and relationship coaching.  She is very talented and a great pleasure to work with.”

Christina, Entrepreneur, Founder of Make-Cup Concepts

“Jan is a wonderful warm friendly woman.  I feel I can be open and very honest with her.  I think this is the most important issue in sharing yourself with someone to get to core issues. I would recommend her to anyone who is interested in looking within their soul.”


“Being coached by Jan was really a liberating experience. She identified inner-child issues that prevented me from being a truly happy and content individual.   As a coach, she helped me overcome these issues easier and with more clarity because of the way she intuitively could get to the core of what needed to change.  I am a better person and enjoy life more than ever because of Jan.”

Scott J.

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